listening to Koyczan as I sketch


simple sounds form spoken words..

hibernating in the soul of strangers

releasing tension held in the strands of my curly hair-  twisted by the hands of humidity

cleansing clogged pores as the sun absorbs my sweat.

Respect for life and sacrifices; feathers pulled from pillows

a child’s innocence against old wisdom found in the form of paper planes and cigarettes

moving higher; moving forward

my heart beats – your heart beats

feeling the spit from your tongue exposing life as you articulate experience- articulating past your touch,

past laughter, past old thoughts crashed with pre-tensed glories and unpleasant memories tossed with the fabric of angels

flesh against salty skin, against unprotected skin?

compassionate eyes that witness the aching echoes sliced between green hospital walls..

the spare change you ask for is not adequate  but sufficient- he said he offers the ink from his pen. I offer the colour found in my drawings, you can offer the laughter at the end of your jokes, perhaps we could spare the tears we share to satisfy the world’s hunger or thirst?

let sound touch your stomach or heart

taste the toxins that have been taken from your skin

feel his frail body and strengthen it with your smile

offer your presence

not words

not movement

not breathe


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